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Overlevingspakken / werkpakken Ursuit

A top quality suit for the most demanding user. The Sea Horse model includes all of the best properties of an immersion suit. Its ergonomy is of its very own class and the comfort is superior. Thanks to the telescope waist construction it fits well and it is comfortable and light to wear. It keeps you dry regardless of how long you will stay in water. It functions perfectly, in all conditions. Once you have experienced the comfort and good qualities of the Sea Horse you will hardly accept any other type of immersion suit. Material is Gore-Tex® fabric based upon the ePTFE membrane, which lets vapour penetrate but which is completely waterproof. Double seams so that the seam will not open even when worn. Inside the seams are heat seal taped and reinforced to be 100% watertight. The suit is equipped with several reflective tapes in right places, which assures visibility in all conditions. The soft and durable reflective tapes are made in accordance with the directive on marine equipment.Knee and back reinforcement. Dry zipper is situated from the right hip up to the left shoulder. The position of the zipper minimise the disadvantages of a zipper when sitting and moving around. Integrated braces keep the trouser part up at the same time as the crotch strap keeps the upper part down. Thanks to the telescope design the trousers do not fall down in the way they may do in a one piece overall. Persons of different height can use the same suit without weakening the ergonomic features.


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