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Extractor Pro Model redboard

Extractor Pro Model

Reddingsboard t.b.v.waterscooter


Length: 63 in. (160 cm) and 67 inches (170cm) with optional bumper.

  •  Width: 37.50 in. +/- 0.50 inches (95.25cm  +/- 1.27cm)
  • Thickness: 3.85 in at thickest point (10cm),
  • Capacity: 397lbs.(180 kg)or two adults.
  •  Weight: is approximately 48 lbs (19kg.)- sled dry weight, includes molded plastic hull and deck pad.

Total attached weight to pwc = approximately 55 lbs (27kg)-including all attachment hardware, optional                bumper, and removable/replaceable handles.

  •  Available in 3/point connection Tie Down Versions and Military Duty Quick Hitch Versions
  • 3/8″ thick PVC Foam Deck Pad- Very Comfortable

(Durable and provides the right amount of traction. Non-slippery like the polyethylene bodyboard foams or non-textured PVC foams. Non-Abrasive and will not create skin rashes like textured medium density EVA “Hydroturf” type foams)

  • 8 Handgrips or 10 Handgrips (Last Chance Handgrips as an option) made from 5000lb test nylon webbing, over-molded with proprietary, flexible elastomers, very durable and resistant to the elements. Handgrips are anchored to the sled hull using 7000lb test brass mold-in inserts and stainless fasteners that will not rust. Fasteners are secured from backing out using Locktite.